Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Lonely Servant

I was so blessed to do my voluntary service at the holy shrine of Imam Reza (AS) just on the martyrdom anniversary of my dear Imam.

While standing around and guiding the mourning pilgrims, I was thinking how sorrowful must have felt the special servant of Imam Reza (AS) who accompanied him day and night and witnessed his sad martyrdom. The lonely servant must have been in floods of tears for losing his kind Imam.

I thought I could estimate my sincerity in serving him by testing how much I can endure his separation; how much I can be a lonely servant!


tasneem said...

asa ahmad how r u?i went thru ur blog,pigeon of was very touching actually i had tears in my eyes going thru it.i believe u go 2 imam's haram frequently so please pray there 4 me that imam grant me his ziarat again.waiting 4 ur reply.

Ahmad Abdollahzadeh said...

Asslamu Alaikum dear brother/sister,

Thank yo for leaving the comment. Insha'Allah I will pray that you will be blessed with the ziarah soon again.